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Becoming a Sponsor

Becoming a CAT Barcamp sponsor is a great way to support an awesome event. To ask questions about sponsoring catbarcamp@cat.pdx.edu.

What your money will be spent on

CAT Barcamp is entirely run by volunteers; no one is taking a salary for its production. Funds will be spent to provide a refreshments throughout the day, tee shirts, lasercut keychains, and stickers for all participants. Any funds remaining will be rolled over into the funding for the next CAT Barcamp, the following Fall.

Who will be there

TheCAT at PSU is an ops training organization that is happy to help secure the venue and organize the event. We expect many job-hungry students skilled in development, computer science, operations, and everything else to be in attendance at this event and we want to enable as many connections as possible.

Click Here to donate money to CAT Barcamp

Benefits of Becoming a Sponsor

Most of the attendees of this conference are not purchasers or decision makers, but they are the next generation of engineers. This is a great opportunity for your recruitment team to meet the students and for the students to meet your companies. If they get in early, sponsor names/logo will be featured prominently it posters/media/t-shirt, and we will recognize you formally at the morning opening speech.